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The only legitimate reason media organizations refuse to  ccc buty help people who are victimized by this problem is for ad dollars. They make a percentage of a cent every time somebody clicks a link to their articles. My guess is, most of their archived online traffic comes from people searching other people's names.The argument about rewriting history is not persuasive. Newspapers could put the name of the arrestee in image format and that would block the tool used by search engines to index the content from picking up the arrestee's name. This would prevent a link of the article from appearing on a search of a person's name when someone is using an outside search engine. The article would look the same and could still be searched on the Newspaper's internal search engine.

My family won't speak to me they don't believe me and I just cringe to think what will happen when my employer finds out! The crazy thing is that when you look at Facebook you can see on the "arrest" day I was in CA! Still, the ones that do question me, don't believe me. I really HATE what the internet can do! I can not get a job due to an arrest that i was buty found not guilty of and the charges were dropped ! My life is in shambles. I can not provide for my family and it is just an overall really shitty situation i am in. I feel embarrassed and alone. The only reason i even got arrested in the first place was b/c i was stupid and naive and talked to the detective. He twisted my truth and before i knew big star buty i had a warrant out. The newspaper is a little town newspaper too!

It isnt even like it is a big one that goes out to a county. This little paper has RUINED my life !!!! Hi. I am astounded at the stories I have read in response to this post. I do not see my particular issue addressed, but I was accused of domestic violence (assault and harassment-which did not occur), arrested, prosecuted, and then took a deal with the District Attorney in NY to dismiss the case if I was not arrested within a year. I also accepted a retaining order for a year. After all was said and done, my case was dismissed and sealed. However, my ex has posted a blog about her experience. Recently she posted all of the online documents that were available buty caterpillar before the case was sealed.

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